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Launch Date:13th July 2011 Alltime Total Hours:39,784 hrs
Total Aircraft In Fleet:160 Alltime Total Flights:8,766
Total Schedules:20,278 Months Total Flights:43
Total Pilots:174 Todays Total Flights:0

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Latest News Activity Feed Forum Posts Feat. Destination
05.04. 2016 Teamspeak 3
05.04. 2016 Athens (LGAV) - Istanbul
23.03. 2016 Acars problems
01.01. 2016 Happy New Year
11.10. 2015 What planes do pilots use
01.10. 2015 Our Future
Teamspeak 3
Published on 05.04. 2016
As some of you may know, we have a teamspeak 3 server, however it is not extremely populated and you, if you join, usually have nobody to talk to. If you fly in Greece and want to communicate with controllers outside of Vatsim or want to join the community, come allong to the Hvacc teamspeak, we have our own room if anyone wants to use it. Address: teamspeak.hvacc.org password: tshvacc Login with your callsign - Name i.e HEW360 - Dimitris Tsioumanis   As I have started controlling a bit in Greece, I am will be in there for quite a bit of time.   Dimitris Ts...

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Airline Activity

Activity Feed

HEW168 Ryan Ross has filed a PIREP from OMDB to LFPG View Flight Report

HEW234 Christodoulos Petrinos has filed a PIREP from LGAV to LGSK View Flight Report

HEW217 Antonis Kantas has filed a PIREP from GOOY to FAOR View Flight Report

HEW524 Oreste Bellini has filed a PIREP from LGAV to LGML View Flight Report

HEW731 Elena2Hon Elena2HonJK has been promoted to Trainee!

HEW731 Elena2Hon Elena2HonJK has just joined, welcome aboard! View Profile

HEW271 Kostas Pappas has filed a PIREP from ESSA to ESNQ View Flight Report

Vancouver Vancouver, officially the City of Vancouver, is a coastal seaport city on the mainland of British Columbia, Canada. The 2011 census recorded 603,502 people in the city, making it the eighth largest Canadian municipality. The Greater Vancouver area of around 2.4 million inhabitants is the third most populous metropolitan area in the country and the most populous in Western Canada. Vancouver is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in Canada; 52% of its residents have a first language other than English. Vancouver is a Beta global city. The City of Vancouver encompasses a land area of about 114 square kilometres, giving it a population density of about 5,249 people per square kilometre (13,590 per square mile). Vancouver is the most densely populated Canadian municipality, and the fourth most densely populated city over 250,000 residents in North America, behind New York City, San Francisco, and Mexico City.

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Operator Flight Origin Time Destination Time Aircraft Pilot
HEW1754B LIRN 31.12.2017 12:10 LIRF 31.12.2017 13:05 A320-200 HEW524 - Oreste Bellini
Operator Flight Origin Destination Flighttime Pirep Time Aircraft Landingrate Pilot
HEW75 OMDB LFPG 06:54 24.03.2017 21:38 -113 ft/min HEW168 - Ryan Ross
HDY1458 LGAV LGSK 00:23 24.03.2017 15:32 B737-800 -207 ft/min HEW234 - Christodoulos Petrinos
HDY1456 GOOY FAOR 06:41 24.03.2017 14:33 -442 ft/min HEW217 - Antonis Kantas
HEW7042 LGAV LGML 00:42 24.03.2017 13:30 B1900D -785 ft/min HEW524 - Oreste Bellini
HEW4063 ESSA ESNQ 01:47 23.03.2017 16:33 B737-800 -246 ft/min HEW271 - Kostas Pappas
HEW6047 LGAV LGTS 00:54 22.03.2017 18:53 A320-200 -268 ft/min HEW234 - Christodoulos Petrinos
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Welcome on Board Hellenic Airways warmly welcomes it`s newest cockpit crew members:

Elena2Hon Elena2HonJK Russian Federation
AndroidSTiene AndroidSTieneEJ Virgin Islands, U.S.
Jessesplogs JessesplogsEA Russian Federation
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Premium Miles Check out the Top Pilots of Hellenic Airways not only rated by their flights but their overall activity.
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Flight Training Hellenic Airways is a VATSIM authorized training organization. Currently we are offering P1 rating courses. Visit our Training Division to check for current classes.

ATO Certificate
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Airline Statistics Hellenic Airways operates Aegean, Lufthansa, Easyjet, Norwegian, United Airlines and many more flights around the world within the Flight Simulator Environment. To view actual statistical data check our stats pages!
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Fly with us In our modern fleet we fly to the world`s most beautiful places.
Currently there are 20278 flights available for booking.
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Tours Need a break from flying our regular routes? Why not join one of our amazing tours and discover challenging airports around the world.
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Route Network We fly to some of the most interesting places in the world. To get an overview over our routes check out our interactive route map.
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AEOLUS Alliance The latest news from the alliance:

[IVAO] - Milan Airways "Napul'e LIML-LIRN"
Mar 21st 2017
[IVAO] - Milan Airways "Airbus Maintenence Checks LIMM-LFBO"
Feb 13th 2017
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